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Geoffrey Owens' Says: Honor the 'dignity of work'

Remember the actor Geoffrey Owens? He played Elvin Tibideaux on 'The Cosby Show' from 1985-1992, he was married to the eldest daughter on the show to Sondra Huxtable played by actress Sabrina LeBeauf.


  • So the other day Daily Mail posted a story about how Owens was working as a cashier at The Trader Joe's supermarket in New Jersey, basically shaming him for working there.
  • Owens said he has not had an acting job that lasted more than 10 weeks since leaving The Cosby Show, but has taught acting at Yale and worked other jobs related to entertainment.


  • Owens has received an outpouring of support.
  • He explained he wanted a job that offered him some flexibility if auditions or other opportunities came up.
  • He recently quit the Trader Joe's job after working there for 15 months in light of the recent publicity. 

Owens told CNN

'No one should feel sorry for me,'  'I've had a great life, a great career.'

"It was hurtful but very short lived. What has been sustained, now over days, is how much love and support there is. Not just for me, but for working people. The idea that, 'Hey, what's wrong with working at Trader Joe's, or any job like that?"


  • Well, Owens, 57 was correct that his Trader Joe's job allowed flexibility for auditions for acting. 
  • The marvelous film-maker Tyler Perry tweeted this -

“#GeoffreyOwens I’m about to start shootings OWN’s number one drama next week! Come join us!!!” 

“I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs, the measure of a true artist.”

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