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French theme park training crows to clean up trash, cigarette butts

Here's some outside-the-box thinking - a theme park in France is training crows to pick up cigarette butts and other trash left behind by tourists. 

  • Puy du Fou, a 'historical theme park' in western France has trained crows to collect trash.
  • It took six months to train the birds.  Yeah, but now they have a smoking problem. No good! (I'm joking)
  • Scientists say crows are highly intelligent birds capable of making plans and even using tools. 


If a crow deposits a piece of trash into a small box placed in the park then a nugget of bird food will pop out. 

  • According to the park president - 

The six birds are called rooks, which is a type a crow that is "particularly intelligent,"  

"The goal is not just to clear up, because the visitors are generally careful to keep things clean" but also to show that "nature itself can teach us to take care of the environment," 


  • In 2008 a man created a "crow vending machine"  it would dispense a peanut every time a crow found a coin and put it in the machine's slot. 
  • The man behind this genius idea was inventor, Josh Klein, he said you know if a crow can be trained to collect coins it can be trained to help improve our lives. 


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