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TSA Agent Acts Quickly as Bag Starts Smoking in Orlando Airport

Uh! This would be a bit scary. You're going through security at the airport and you notice one of the bags on the conveyor belt starts smoking.

Well gang true story!

Friday at Orlando International airport a bag just starts smoking. 


  • Surveillance video shows passengers running as a backpack starts to smoke and no one does anything except this stud. TSA officer and Army veteran Ricardo Perez (thank you for your service sir) so Ricardo grabs the smoking bag not thinking about his own well-being-- just the passengers. He places the smoking bag between two concrete pillars. 

Perez told ABC 13 that the pillars would have blocked a potential blast from passengers.

"I leaned over, grabbed it, picked it up. I was already close, so if there was an IED, I was already gone. So I might as well try to save as many as I can."


  • Investigators said an overheated lithium ion camera battery caused that bag to smoke.

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