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Hoarding Forces LA City Animal Shelters to Max Capacity

WE NEED YOUR HELP! All six of LA City Shelters at max capacity.

  • LA City Animal Shelters are in crisis situations due to three separate hoarding cases, which brought in nearly 300 animals through its doors.

LA Animal Services Spokesperson, Ashley Rodriguez said -

"We see this very often.  But usually cases are more spread out -- not within the same week."

  • Over a hundred dogs and cats were rescued from 3 different locations. 
  • Possible criminal charges may be files after an investigation.

Rodriguez told NBC that in March they seized of nearly 200 rabbits-

"As they were heading back to the shelter, some rabbits were giving birth in the truck,"  "All six shelters helped out and took some in."


  • Due to limited space and resources, more than 250 animals are currently on the red list -- which means, if not adopted, the animal will be euthanized.

Rodriguez said 

"Just because they are on the list doesn't mean that they will be euthanized. We do our best to find a home, however, it is ultimately up to the adopters to get these animals out of the shelter."

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