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Dad Works 3 Jobs to Buy Daughter's Dream Dress

Hardworking Dad Surprises Daughter With Her Dream Dress.

Remember when you were a teenager and the importance you placed on certain things?

  • It was time for the 8th grade formal for fourteen-year-old Nevaeha Smith and she found her dream dress. It was a two-piece dress that she found and it was a little pricey, definitely out of the family's budget.

According to the Daily Mail Ricky Smith from Pittsburgh balances three jobs to support his family.

Ricky was determined to save up and make his daughter's dreams come true.

On June 12th  Nevaeha's mom, Kellie Fleming, filmed this great moment and you bet it went viral.

Nevaeha proudly wore the dress to the dance on June 15.

Ricky Smith told CBS

"I just don't want people to think just because you don't have the money you can't make your kids happy, because you can," 



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