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Baby Chanco #HairGoals

  • Life can be VERY unfair! VERY!
  • Like little boys with long eyelashes
  • Youth is wasted on the young.

Little sweet Baby Chanco at 6-months old has more hair on her little sweet head than I have or ever had on my ENTIRE body!

She is like a lil baby Elvis. She is the Bowser of babies (hint" Shanana) She's the Fonzie of Formula. She is the Rapunzel of rugrats. basically, she has A LOT of hair!

Mondo said Ted Dansen "Sam Malone" from Cheers (personally I don't find that too funny) He doesn't get it.

And the internet is in love with Baby Chanco (it's just so fun to say her name)

This sweet little Japanese girl has amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers since the first photo of her bouncing & behavin' hair appeared on “Hair Diary,” her social media site. I have 11K ...UNFAIR baby Chanco!

Chanco was born in December 2017 with this Wella Balsam (is that a thing anymore?) head of hair!

Baby Chanco come on the show?! And bring scissors!

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