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Does the heat make us dumber?

Me thinks the answer is YES! Just going by my experience this whole week! WOW! Dumb! 

And to that man that cut me off and then flipped me off, and then rubbed his eyes like I was a cry-baby! I forgive you! It was heat-induced stupidity. I get it!

Guess what? The brain study agrees. Hot Hot Heat = DUMB!!!

Southern California is just coming out of record-breaking temps. Riverside tied it's all-time record of 118 that was set in 1925. Here in Burbank it got up to 114. Big thanks to my above-ground pool! 

So the smarty-researchers at Harvard University have discovered that a person’s brain works 13% slower when it has to operate in extreme heat. This is  according to their report in PLOS Medicine.


  • 44 college students were studied during a Boston heatwave in 2016, that happen to be one of the hottest in Boston's history.
  • 22 of the students lived in a brick-based buildings with no air-conditioning. HOT!
  • The other 22 were living in air-conditioned dorms. NOT HOT!
  • It was a 12-day experiment. UGH!


  • Students with no air performed over 13% worse on both math and memory tests than the students with that nice, cool breeze.

Lead author Jose Guillermo Cedeño-Laurent said -

“Most of the research on the health effects of heat has been done in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, creating the perception that the general population is not at risk from heat waves,” 

Study co-author Joseph Allen said the buildings the students lived in - played a big part in the effect the heat had on their brains.

“These buildings have a hard time shedding heat during hotter summer days created by the changing climate, giving rise to indoor heat waves,” 


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