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California's Big Choice: Cliff-Side Homes OR Public Beaches

We have ourselves a dilemma gang.

We love our beaches...take the kids to the beach, charging the waves in that choppy-water, hitting a close-out and being clucked, and now you have a ding & a crease. Sorry, from my surfer-days. Oh and sunset walks. They're cool, right?

We also love those beautiful ocean-side beach homes. Well, I don't...I can't afford one of those beautiful ocean-side homes. I just figured out what side I will land on...

I take it back!

We do not have a dilemma gang. 

But, seriously...

HERE'S THE ISSUE                                            

Washington Post wrote about the U.S. Geological Survey study 

As the sea rises the waves - California officials from Santa Barbara to San Diego are going to need to make a really difficult choice one-day. These waves are literally hacking away (at an accelerated pace) at the base of these cliffs; where this gorgeous homes on perched upon. The more and more erosion is going to bring down thousands of homes.


  • Save public beaches enjoyed by millions


  • Close them off with boulders and concrete walls to armor the shore and stop the waves in a bid to save homes

Washington Post wrote that the study predicts coastal land loss on an unimaginable scale over the remaining century, up to 135 feet beyond the existing shoreline. 

“For the highest sea-level rise scenario, taking an average cliff height of more than 25 meters, the total cliff volume loss would be more than 300 million meters by 2100,” 

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