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Hal Sparks Will Be Performing at The Ice House July 12th

Remember Donald Davenport, the inventive scientist in Disney's XD's "Lab Rats"? Well the actor/ comedian that played D.D. happens to be the very funny and talented Hal Sparks. Mr.Sparks if you're nasty.  Hal joins us in studio tonight at 8P. He will be performing at The Ice House in Pasadena on Thursday July 12th at 8p - doors open at 7.

Fun Fact: "Lab Rats" was Disney network's most watched show.  I did not know that...until I wrote it.

Since "Lab Rats' premiered in 2012, Hal has been busy doing shows like 'Fuller House' on Netflix and touring with his stand-up.

Hal is also known for hosting "Talk Soup" on E! Entertainment and he starred in five seasons on Showtimes's hit series "Queer As Folk". He also appeared in films like "Spiderman 2" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" and let's not forget his critically acclaimed Showtime comedy special "Charmageddon"

Fun Fact: "Charmageddon is now a best-selling DVD. Hmmm go figure! 

So tune in tonight at 8P - Hal and I are going to talk some Lab Rats, Stand-up and so much more! 

Fun Fact: Sophia and I used to watch Lab Rats ALL the time. It was her job to let me know when Lab Rats was on. Dad!! It's on! Lab Rats is ON!!!!!!!

Twitter @HalSparks  Or Go to Halsparks.com

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