American Airline Passenger Repeatedly Punches Other Passenger

What is going on with people flying these days? Seems like everyday there is a new story about how someone got punched, got belligerent, kicked off the plane, emergency landing, peed on the seat, did something else on the seat, dog got punched, dog escaped, dogs banned, goats allowed. What the H?!

Today's episode takes place on American Airlines flight from St. Croix to Miami, when a drunk passenger got into fista-cuffs with another passenger.

Obviously, there has always been scuffles on-board flights, but now everyone has a camera and video and everyone wants the clicks, so they are getting posted. And people have an insatiable appetite for chaos.

The video taken by a fellow passenger Bill Bolduc shows Jason Felix repeatedly punching another man who asked him to calm down after a flight attendant refused to give him beer.  Wonder what beer he was drinking? Fat Tire maybe?

Felix stood in the aisle banging on overhead bins and ranting at other travelers when he demanded another drink. The flight attendant refused to serve him another beer. Felix grew volent and other passengers got involved. the whole scenario lasted an hour,

When the plane landed Miami-Dade police officers escorted Felix off the plane. 

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