Outrage Over Caged Tiger at Prom!

Students, Parents Outraged Over Caged Tiger At Prom A Miami high school is feeling heat from both students and parents for a jungle-themed prom that featured live, caged animals. Christopher Columbus High School held its "Welcome To The Jungle" prom on Friday night.  The decor included a full grown tiger, along with a lemur, an African fox and two macaws. Some students and parents are saying it was abusive to wheel a caged animal into a loud, chaotic environment.  The tiger was surrounded by fire dancers and dozens of students recording it on their phones. The school insists the animals were not in distress and were provided by licensed facilities.  Trained handlers and police officers were present at all times. What do you think?  Should this be considered animal cruelty?  Was it still in poor taste, even if the animals weren't mistreated?  What was the theme of your prom?

Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr

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