John Oliver's Book About Mike Pence's Bunny Is Amazon Best-Seller

  • A children's book that "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver wrote to troll Vice President Mike Pence is a surprise best-seller.
  • Pence's wife and daughter teamed up to write a book about their pet bunny, "Marlon Bundo's A Day In The Life of the Vice President".  On Sunday night, Oliver unveiled "A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo", in which the bunny falls in love and marries another male bunny.
  • People seem to prefer the parody - Oliver's book is the #1 seller on Amazon, while Pence's book comes in at #4.  Proceeds for both books are being donated to charity.
  • Oliver says the book sold out, but more copies are being printed and it will be back on sale in "a few weeks".
  • Is it fair for Oliver to go after Pence's wife and daughter?  Should families be off-limits or is all fair in politics and comedy?
Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr

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