Flu has killed 20 children and more than 85 adults in the US.



  • Oh boy folks, this is a bad one!
  • According to a CDC weekly report released Friday, the flu is in ALL states except Hawaii and the District of Columbia. 
  • At least 60,000 cases of the flu have been reported.
  • California is one of the hardest states hit with at least 27 deaths of people under 65 attributed to the flu.
  • According to the CDC, people at high risk for flu complications include children younger than five, adults 65 years and older and pregnant women. Those with medical conditions such as asthma, chronic lung or heart disease, diabetes and obesity are also at risk for flu complications, including pneumonia.
  • Deadly H3N2 has now killed 20 children and more than 85 adults in the US.
  • The rate of hospitalizations also almost doubled in a week, up from 13.7 per 100,000 to 22.7 per 100,000  
  • CDC officials warned more strains of the virus will emerge in the next two months.

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