• Women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander and are more likely to die according to a new study.
  • The study involved nearly 20,000 cases around the country of cardiac arrest (which is when the heart suddenly stops beating). 
  • Only 39% of women suffering one in a public location were given CPR that is compared to 45% of men.
  • Men were 23% more likely to survive.
  • Rescuers may fear touching a woman’s breasts and fear of repercussions could be a big factor.
  • But, experts say proper CPR doesn’t involve that. It requires pushing hard and fast in the middle of the chest between the breasts at least 100-120 per minute.
  • Using test dummies with breasts and talking about this topic may help.

American Heart Association that the CA. Good Samaritan Law protects you when it comes to CPR.