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E. Coli Sickens More Than 300 Marine Recruits

An E. Coli outbreak is spreading at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD) and 86 recruits are still sick. The epidemic was first announced Monday when more than 300 were struck down by the diarrheal illness. More than 5,500 recruits are in training at the MCRD.

"The command is continuing to take precautionary measures and care for those who are affected," said Brig. Gen. William Jurney, commanding general, MCRD San Diego and the Western Recruiting Region, in a statement.

More than 500 recruits are set to graduate this Friday and this current outbreak may impact the ceremony. While the source of the outbreak is still being investigated, the following hygienic preventative actions are being encouraged:

- Recruited infected with E. Coli will be isolated 

- Increased handwashing will be required

- MCRD San Diego will be cleaned extensively

- The barracks, chow halls, and common areas will be thoroughly inspected

- Recruits will be given a clinic on how to quickly identify symptoms of E. Coli

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