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The Anson Williams Visits the Show

The wonderful Anson Williams is best-known for his role as Potise Weber on the iconic TV show Happy Days. Williams became a prominent television director- working on hits shows like Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


Williams' career has gone way beyond show business. A born entrepreneur, he credits Happy Days’ creator and producer Garry Marshall for helping explore career opportunities in the product business. 

His company, StarMaker Products has produced over 40 products beginning with skin care and including clothing, non-prescription medical products and an upcoming 100-calorie portion control cookbook. Williams is especially excited about a new product — Cold Flash, an all-natural topical gel that was developed to control hot flashes.


Recently, research studies have found that there are over 168 million drowsy drivers at the wheel of their car with one out of five admitting to falling asleep, a catastrophic problem causing more accidents and deaths then alcohol and drugs combined. Motivated by Dr. Heimlich and my own experience, my business partner, Joanna Connell, and I thought “Why can’t we re-create a natural lemon into a natural spray that will have the same, natural, Alert Result as biting into one?” We moved forward by putting together a terrific, scientific team and “Alert Drops” was created, a natural, simple spray on the tongue that works instantly and safely, your body’s own, natural Adrenalin alerting the brain to wake-up with no stimulants of any kind., exactly the same as a natural lemon.

Alert Drops is Proven Science-Doctor Approved & Recommended. This year alone, Alert Drops received the 2016 prestigious City Of Angels Award for a break-through product that benefits society and received honors from the US Congress, State Senate, and the City Of Los Angeles.

”Alert Drops, “ will save numerous lives. I thank Dr. Heimlich for being the inspiration for the most important life saving product since his Heimlich Maneuver. MORE

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