Suicide: The Ripple Effect


Kevin Hines, who suffers from bipolar disorder, survived a jump from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in 2000.  "The Bridge" a  documentary that captures 23 suicide jumps from the bridge in 2004 Hines calls the controversial documentary a positive influence, and believes in the filmmakers' goal to expose the high number of suicides that take place at one locale and officials' failure to erect suicide barriers.             

Hines says-                             

My feature documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect has been two years in the making. This project is a culmination of my advocacy work, research, relationships built with people in recovery and mental health and based completely on those with lived expertise who have an amazing story to tell. The film was shot in an attempt to deeply illustrate the impact that suicide has on our world. - Kevin Hines  The completion of this incredibly moving and beneficial life project is near. 

Being an advocate in mental health, wellness, and suicide prevention has given me a global platform for the message of hope and healing that I firmly believe are the foundation of eventually eliminating all negative statistics related to suicide. It’s a way for me to birth a movement against suicide. It says everything I’ve ever wanted to say and then some. 


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