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'Fixer Upper' Couple Re-Selling for Nearly a Million Dollars

The HGTV show 'Fixer Upper' has made TV stars of Joanna and Chip Gaines and has revitalized Waco, Texas. 

To be on the 'Fixer Upper' show one of the qualifiers is that you have already purchased a home in Waco.

Then if you are selected the Chipster and Joey do their magic with the expectation that this becomes your forever home. 

Well, Chip and Jo have done such a great job that more and more people are re-selling their remodeled homes and using the show as an investment. 

That is exactly what Cameron and Jessica Bell did - 


  • The Bells bought what is called a "Shotgun house" in Waco -  it is only 1,050 sq feet and it was in ruins.
  • The couple spent $139K on the home, buying the lot and renovating it.                              
  • Their couple got on the show and had Chip and Jo renovate it with the idea of making their home.
  • Never happened. 
  • They immediately listed the home on Airbnb for $325 a night, and it’s stayed rented at over 90% occupancy.  I'm sure the fact that Baylor University is in Waco and its a huge football draw.
  • Now, the Bells are trying to sell the house for $950,000.
  • At least six Fixer Upper homes are available to rent on Airbnb and VRBO, causing the HGTV show to rethink client contracts moving forward.  Chip, Jo - you just do too good of a job!            


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