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'Wonder Woman' actress Gal Gadot made just $300,000 for blockbuster

  • Social media was in a frenzy over the headlines that 'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot received a mere $300,000 for starring in the blockbuster hit. This compared to the reported $14 million Henry Cavill was paid for 'Man of Steel'. So, Cavill was paid 46 times more than Gadot? Ding OR Dong?
  • Uh, Dong! 


  • Yes, Gal Gadot received $300,000 for her role as 'Wonder Woman', but that doesn't include box office performance bonuses.
  • Actors, usually the big names get a percentage of the profits. 
  • There are "net points" and "gross points"


"Net points" only kick in when the film shows a profit after all expenses have been paid.  A lot of people involved in a movie are given "net points" but never receive any money from them. Hmm that seems unfair.

"Gross points" are very different.  Gross points give a % of the gross profits right off the top, before the studios even gets their expenses recouped. I like this one, cause if the movie makes a dollar in the theaters, than the actor makes a dollar as well.

In conclusion, because the studio and the production company were taking a gamble on a female lead in a superhero movie, I assume, they gave Gal Gadot a base salary with perks and bonuses based on how the film does at the box office.


  • Chris Evans, who played Captain America, reportedly earned $300,000 for that role than got a big $2 million for the next Captain America movie "Avengers."
  • Chris Hemsworth, who played "Thor" reportedly received $200,000 for the first movie.
  • Robert Downey Jr. was paid $500,000 when he played "Iron Man." Word has it that Downey was then paid $50 million when he appeared in "Avengers."

If Gal Gadot has "gross points" worked into her 'Wonder Woman' contract or the three-picture deal with Warner Bros. where she would get $300,000 per film - And 'Wonder Woman' just made $573 million, I'm thinking Gal will be just fine. 

Gal Gadot really is Wonder Woman! She has a very interesting background.

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