Fritz Coleman from NBC4 in Los Angeles "Fritz said it would be like this!"

Fritz Coleman is NBC4's weatherman for nearly 40 years. He's also a stand-up comic.

Fritz Coleman does weather at NBC4 in Los Angeles. He joined Channel 4 in 1982 after being discovered while doing stand-up comedy. Fritz grew up in the Philadelphia area, went to Temple University in Phillie and Salem College in West Virginia, studying radio, TV and film. He used that education while in the US Navy. During his FM DJ days in Buffalo he tried comedy at an open mic night, and was hooked! A little while later Fritz picked up and drove out to Los Angeles to pursue his stand-up career, and ended up doing the weather on Channel 4 for nearly 40 years! His popularity exploded in the 1980's during NBC4's marketing campaign for his forecasts, "Fritz said it would be like this!" But he didn't forget about comedy. He was on The Tonight Show several times, still performs on stage, and is doing a one-man show "Defying Gravity" October 13th at Garry Marshall Theatre to raise money for The Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce and the non-profit Garry Marshall Theatre. Yes, Fritz is just as nice as you'd think he is! It was such an honor to talk with THE Fritz Coleman!


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