Josh Mankiewicz takes me on a Dateline

Josh Mankiewicz is a correspondent with Dateline NBC

Josh Mankiewicz is a correspondent with Dateline NBC, covering stories for the news magazine since 1995. He was born in California but spent a lot of his childhood in Peru and Washington, DC, and saw his father, Kennedy Press Secretary Frank Mankiewicz, announce the death of Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968. Josh started as an intern with ABC News, worked local news in DC before rejoining ABC News as a correspondent in 1982, hooked up with WCBS-TV in New York City, moved to Los Angeles to work at the relatively new KCAL 9 News, and before joining Dateline NBC spent a minute reporting for the short-lived "Front Page" news magazine on the upstart Fox network. The Mankiewicz family is well known in the entertainment industry but Josh explains why he was never interested in the family business. We talk about how ABC News wasted their money sending him to a world-renowned voice coach. Let Josh be Josh, people! We talk about how all that traveling he did all those decades as a correspondent finally paid off when he met his wife ... at the airport! And we get into what makes a good Dateline NBC story, plus why he's so snarky on Twitter. Enjoy!


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