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The Trump Circus Continues

The Trump circus will apparently never end. People on both sides make themselves crazy over Trump and this latest episode certainly brings out the crazies. Here is Trump's indictment. There is even something in there about hush money to a doorman who claimed Trump has a love child.

Are there any felonies here? Maybe, maybe not. But clearly this is political hit on Trump, that's what NY DA Alvin Bragg promised to do.

Bragg, just like George Gascon, is a puppet who was chosen by George Soros to make social justice reforms and to hit back on the GOP.

Will anything stick on Trump? This indictment looks like a nothing burger....

Now we are hearing that the next hearing isn't taking place until.....DECEMBER!

MSNBC, CNN and the dopey liberal talkers are gonna carry on for months to come. No wonder why nobody watches !

ABC legal analyst Royal Oakes talked to John & Ken about his initial thoughts after reading the charges.

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