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Garcetti's First Emergency Homeless Shelter To Open

On Wednesday, a group of 45 homeless people were given free supply kits and new beds in downtown Los Angeles near City Hall and Olvera Street.

And starting next week under Garcetti's new 20-million-dollar plan for the homeless, they will be able to stay for free in trailers set up at El Pueblo Lot 5, very close to where the streets are currently taken over by tents and trash.

These trailers will be set up for three years, but officials say that it takes at least six months for the homeless staying there to be able to find more permanent places to live.

This "emergency" homeless housing is just the beginning of Garcetti's plan to spend $20 million of our Los Angeles city funds.

He plans to share this money with 15 other council districts to build more facilities. The council even added another $10 million because they say they needed to pay for "additional" expenses.

The final cost for the housing facility (with all of the included amenities,) is estimated at just under $2.5 million.

“This is very low-barrier bridge housing,” Garcetti said Wednesday. “You have a pet? No problem. Bring your pet. This site has kennels where dogs can sleep at night.”

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