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Judge rewrites misleading title and summary for gas tax repeal

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Today is a victory for Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) and for the fight against the car and gas tax.

Judge Timothy Frawley of the Sacramento Superior Court ruled in favor of Allen’s request to rewrite the title and summary for the Repeal of the Gas Tax ballot initiative in a “true and impartial” manner.

Here's what it now reads:

Allen said:

“This is a huge win for the people of California. It’s outrageous that the Attorney General intentionally tried to mislead California voters in an effort enforce Jerry Brown’s massive $52 billion gas tax. California voters will now see a new ballot title and statement that truly represents what this initiative will do -- repeal Jerry Brown's massively unpopular gas tax.

We are ready to hit the ground running. With this new ballot title and summary, the Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative will be ready to begin collecting the 365,880 signatures needed to place the repeal on the November 2018 ballot.  Californians can learn more about the effort by visiting

Click here to visit No CA Gas Tax.

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