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Carbon footprints of eco-scold celebrities

Credit: Getty Images

A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Justin Beiber, and Beyoncé claim they care about the environment, and claim that humans are causing climate change.

But after they're done scolding you and telling you how to live your life, they hop on a jet and travel wherever they want and live lavishly. So that's not contributing to climate change? What a joke!

The Daily Mail broke down the carbon footprint of a bunch of celebrities. Justin Bieber traveled at least 136,000 miles in a plane over the last year, and Leonardo DiCaprio went over 87,000 miles.

George Clooney clocked in at 61,000 miles.

One of Justin Beiber's flights was over 10,638 miles and burned a whopping 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide. His other trips to Germany, Dublin, Rio de Janerio, Paris, Mumbai, and Cape Town added up to 136,947 miles and 22.45 tons of CO2.

The average annual CO2 emission per person in the United States is 20 metric tons, compared to a world average of 4 tons.

Bieber alone is way above the average consumption. And we get scolded for driving our cars?

Click here to read more at the Daily Mail, and don't let these eco-scolds get you down and make you feel guilty for causing storms and disasters.

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