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4 Alameda County jail deputies arrested after inmate's 'gassing' attacks

Erik McDermott, 27; Stephen Sarcos, 30; Justin Linn, 23; Sarah Krause, 26. (Alameda County Sheriff's Office)

Clockwise from the top left: Erik McDermott, 27; Stephen Sarcos, 30; Justin Linn, 23; Sarah Krause, 26. (Credit: Alameda County Sheriff's Office)

An inmate at a maximum security unit of the Santa Rita Jail carried a plastic bottle full of urine and feces and sprayed its contents through the cracks of a door into another inmate's cell.

He did the same thing to different inmates during the summer and fall of last year. Authorities say four Alameda County sheriff's deputies not only knew about the "gassing" attacks, they even helped facilitate them.

Those deputies are:

  1.  Justin Linn, 23
  2. Erik McDermott, 27
  3. Sarah Krause, 26
  4. Stephen Sarcos, 30

They were arrested yesterday on suspicion of assault under the color of authority, according to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.

All four were freed after posting bail.

The inmate responsible for the attacks has not been identified, and it's still not clear if he'll be charged. It's also not clear if the deputies organized the attacks to punish inmates, or if they simply stood by and allowed them to happen.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern said in a statement:

“We have sought charges against the four individuals and they must now answer to these allegations. The actions of these four individuals do not reflect the dedication and professionalism of the 1,600 employees who work at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.”

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