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Rise of the California Super Commuter

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Commute times have jumped up across the county, but California has seen the worst of it. Many metro areas, particularly smaller cities on the outskirts of San Francisco and Los Angeles, have some of the country's highest share of "super commuters."

The worst place in the state is Stockton, where 8% of commuters have to drive 90 minutes or more to work. That's 3 times more than the national share. Adie Tomer, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, told the New York Times:

“These are problem numbers for California. One of the advantages to living in a place like Stockton or Vallejo is that you shouldn’t be traveling as long.”

Commute times went down during the recession because of high unemployment. But as the national economy got better over the past few years, home prices became incredibly expensive, pushing families to towns farther and farther out.

This is what's led to the "super commuter," and thanks to Jerry Brown and the rest of the California legislature things are going to get worse.

Don't they understand that all of their gas taxes and their global warming nonsense hurt families who whose lives depend on driving?

Click here to read more about "super commuters" at the New York Times. Are you one?

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