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Jerry Brown on "Meet the Press," says sanctuary state bill needs changes

Governor Jerry Brown went on NBC News' "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd over the weekend, where he admitted some changes needed to be made to California's "sanctuary state" bill SB 54.

He didn't say specifically what changes needed to be made, but he told Todd:

“We’re looking at it very carefully. We’re having discussions with the author. There are some changes that I think would be very important."

SB 54, which comes from crooked Kevin de León, would protect illegal immigrants and bar state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources to help federal immigration authorities.

Brown and Legislators have been meeting over the bill, which cleared the Senate and is now awaiting action in the Assembly.

Assemblymembers will return on August 21st. Fighting the Trump administration seems to be California's priority right now, and Brown told Todd that doing so is a constant balancing act:

“We want to be very understanding of people who have come to our state, have worked in our economy, often for decades, picking our food, working in our restaurants, working in high tech industries, the whole range of what constitutes the life of California has been contributed to by many of these immigrants that are not documented...And we want to make sure we help them to the extent that the law of California can coexist with the law of the United States.”

Brown also bloviated about how California's Democratic Party needs to start taking up causes of the "common man:"

“If we want to be a governing party of a very diverse, and I say diverse ideologically as well as ethnically country, well, then you have to have a party that rises above the more particular issues to the generic, the general issue of making America great, if I might take that word."

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