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New product lets men seal their penises to prevent pregnancy

A new product called Jiftip lets men seal their urethras shut before sex in order to keep their penises from letting anything out.

Jiftip is an "adhesive flexible sticker covering just the urethra for the containment of urine and semen.” You can click here to see the pictures of how to use it, if you dare.

It supposedly bonds to the skin, letting men temporarily close their urethra "to enjoy real sex."

The stickers are sold in three-packs for $6, and were designed to replace condoms as a more convenient way to cover your member up.

The company's website reads:

  1. It began as a desperate attempt to avoid using condoms. And 4 years ago, it wasn't safe for humans in the wild to test. Finally, we're ready to share this marvel of simple design with you.
  2. Tipgear is Not your normal pullout, it's better, much better. Peel it off before you feel the urge to climax, no scrambling at the last second. Relax, you're covered. Sex is simpler without that rush to gush. Watch that aim!
  3. WILL IT WORK? HOW CAN YOU KNOW? HOW CAN ANYONE KNOW --UNTIL THEY TRY? Feel it, Love it, or 100% refund. No questions - no returns. Simple. As. Jiftip.
  4. The Legal Disclaimer - This product is for novelty or entertainment purposes only. THOU SHALT NOT USE IT FOR PREGNANCY OR STI PURPOSES.

Click here to read more at the New York Post.

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