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Naked man eats his own poop and spits it at officers

Richmond Police Department

(Richmond police respond suspect’s crappy behavior in the backseat of patrol car. Credit: Richmond Police Department)

Police up in Richmond were serving an arrest warrant for a man when things got weird and gross really fast.

The suspect gave police a false name, which happened to belong to another man who was also wanted for an arrest warrant.

When the suspect realized he was about to be arrested for another person's warrant, he gave his real name. But then he learned there was an arrest warrant for himself as well, and he was taken into custody for the warrant and for false impersonation.

During the booking process he became combative and wouldn't cooperate, so the officers put him back into the car and drove him to county jail in Martinez.

As soon as the were on I-80, the suspect slipped his handcuffs from his back to his front and took his clothes off and threw them on the freeway.

Officers realized what he was doing and then saw that he had just pooped. The suspect then started eating and spitting his poop at them.

CHP showed up and helped the officers shut down the freeway, get the guy under control, and take him to county jail.

What a mess!

Read more at abc10.

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