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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association files lawsuit over CA recall changes

Josh Newman - Twitter

The recall effort of state senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) has been incredibly successful. There have been over 85,000 signatures collected, way more than the 63,593 needed  to trigger a recall vote.

But the Democrats have done some very shady and disgusting stuff, by changing the recall rules mid-recall.

They say the recall is deceptive and they're trying to get people to withdraw their signatures, arguing that people aren't aware they're signing a recall petition. So, they think Newman's constituents are stupid and can't read? How insulting is that?

They also changed the timeline of the recall, possibly pushing it into next year. They want the vote to happen during a general election, when they can get more people to turn out and vote for another Democrat.

The whole thing is evil. California Democrats are not getting their way. They're losing this fight, so they're playing dirty and doing whatever it takes to win.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is taking on the Democrats, arguing that what they did was illegal. President Jon Coupal said:

"The Legislature has pulled out all the stops to silence the voice of taxpayers and undermine the people’s right to a fair and democratic process."

Carl DeMaio, from our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego, joined us this afternoon with all the latest recall news:

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