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Josh Newman says he's willing to come on the show

Twitter - Josh Newman

Over the weekend Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), the Senator we're working to recall over his vote for the car and gas tax, held a town hall at the Cypress Senior Center.

Shelley Henderson from the OC Breeze did a little write up of the event:

"Senator Newman addressed the question of the gas tax by telling a story. Imagine you’ve been elected president of your homeowner’s association and discover that prior board members were altogether lax about maintaining the common areas that everyone depends on. Fixes must be made! Maintenance can no longer be put off! So you roll up your sleeves… and raise HOA fees to cover the repair costs.

As a reporter, I duly noted his story. As a constituent, I bit my tongue. He never, at any time, brought up the possibility of reforming the budget — either the fictional HOA budget or the state budget. Under a reformed budget, the State would pay for what it ought to pay for, rather than high-speed trains or fetal stem cell research or college tuition for illegal immigrants or local street repair…"

Click here to read Henderson's full piece at the OC Breeze.

Listener Stewart McDougal was at the town hall and talked to us this afternoon. He asked Newman if he would come on our show, check out what he had to say below:

Our Executive Producer also reached out to Newman over the weekend and got this back from him:

You're more than welcome to come on, Josh! We'd love to speak with you.

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