Torrential Downpour Inundates The Southland

If the sub-zero temperatures that have descended on much of the U.S. have made you yearn for our traditional California sunshine, think again.

The Southland on Saturday was hammered by heavy rains that caused massive mudslides, wiped out roads and opened deadly sinkholes. What's more is the deluge is far from over. Meteorologists say more torrential rain is expected to douse Southern California over the next few days.


Residual fire damage from last year's Woolsey and Hill Fires continue to cause a challenge when it comes to flash flooding. It's a scenario that Angelinos know all too well, but one they've come to accept as a necessary sacrifice to live happily in the Promised Land.

Sudden flooding and mudslides have left hundreds of motorists stranded. On Saturday, an excavator was swallowed by a sinkhole in Malibu. Its operator managed to escape unharmed.

Photos by Getty Images.


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