Our First #HaveYouSeenAFreeCouch Winner of 2019!

At long last, 2019 has graced us with her presence.  And right on the heels this sure to be awe-inspiring Year of the Pig is an even MORE awe-inspiring free couch!

The competition was fierce.  Contenders either knew, or didn't, that this was the first edition of #HaveYouSeenAFreeCouch of the new year.  And let's just say the competition was fierce!

In the end, it was FreeCouch veteran David Garver @drgarverwho claimed the title of 2019's first free coucher.  This was perhaps his fourth or fifth overall entry for #HaveYouSeenAFreeCouch, but it was David's blast-from-the-past purple upholstered dream which grabbed listeners by the eyeballs and ultimately got him the win:


We just hope someone claimed this beast before the storms came in tonight!

And David, please don't forget - from all of us at Super Hyper Local Sunday Nights:


Wanna play #HaveYouSeenAFreeCouch?  Follow @SuperHyperLocal for rules on how to enter!


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