Super Hyper Local Measles


This is sick.

And not in the cool way, brohamm.

It's now been confirmed that several cases of the Measles have been reported in the Santa Monica area, and it looks like it was a tourist visiting our glorious coast and its fantastical sites who introduced the deadly disease into the Californian populace.  

Yep.  Perrritty disgusting.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health issues a press release with 6 locations where the tourist visited and were able to spread their contagion.


Measles is one of the most contagious diseases known to human science, and get this - vaccinations protect you and your children from becoming infected with this potentially deadly disease.

Check out this report from our friends over at Channel 7 (I forget the news call letters) for the full scoop, plus more on the signs n' symptoms of 21st century Measles.


So what's with the sudden comeback of a disease that we thought was all but eradicated a decade ago?  I mean really, the idea of "measles" these days falls into the disease category of "oh that still exists?"  

Think Smallpox, Polio, etc.  

Well yes, my millennial friends, these things still exist, and while predominant in non-Westernized "3rd-world" countries, CNN investigations (and rationale) corroborate the scientific reality that it is a lack of vaccinations that is causing this unnecessary and deadly resurgence. 


Read more about the Measles' trail of exposure in the Southland over at


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