Calendar for the week of January 27th

Raptor Ramble in the Wetlands

This Saturday is a nature walk in the Hellman Wetlands.   Known as a mecca for birds of prey, you can gawk at hawks and ospreys in their natural habitat.  The nature hike was the grounds of the Tongva Native Americans is rich with history and it is one of the great things about this hike; it's a combination of education, immersion and bird watching.  A great way to spend your Saturday.  Maybe just maybe it may spark an interest in bird-watching as well.

Per the website  "Meet on the inland side of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and 1st Street, at the border of Long Beach and Seal Beach.  This walk is appropriate for ages 7 and up.  Closed toes shoes are required.  To RSVP, contact Elizabeth

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Summer Opportunities Fair 2019

It may be February, but it's never too early to start thinking about Summer.  The Summer Opportunities Fair (SOF) has a workshop that will help you get a foot in the door for summer schooling for your children.  This fair is for kids ages  5 to 18.  The services offered ranges from STEM, enrichment, art, dance, theater.  There are also classes for children with special needs.  

Parents, do your homework by clicking on this link and signing up.


Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy for Books

Don't read the hype!  Books have been growing in sales for the past decade.  As people are opting for the battery-less Kindle, the growing demand needs entrepreneurs to help sate that demand.  That's where this marketing conference will definitely pay off.  Listen to lectures about social media marketing and viral advertisement, after that you are ready to start marketing the latest tome to the masses.  Turn the page on bad book sales and join us.

Here's the details.

Sunday Morning with Elizabeth Espinosa

Sunday Morning with Elizabeth Espinosa

Listen to Sunday Morning with Elizabeth Espinosa Sundays at 5AM on KFI AM 640! Read more


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