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Twenty Years in College Admission — What Has Changed, What Hasn’t

"I like ducks."  This was the first sentence of a college admission essay written 30 years ago.  The essayist got into Harvard, and this example was taught to prep classes around the country-at that time.  Things have changed quite a bit since then.  Essays are being replaced by viral videos, viral videos are being replaced by influencer driven content...   It's hard for parents to understand the constant necessity for their kids to jump headlong into the social media sea, but then try to stay dry.  Now that there is a good number of college admissions that will look at your child's social media, we have to be one step ahead of current trends of what is desirable for college admissions today.  This event features Alice Kleeman, former M-A College Advisor and Angel Pérez, PhD-both that have over 20 years of experience in admissions,  They will be holding talks that will help you help your kid navigate the college admissions gauntlet.

Here's how to attend

Yoga at the park

   Stretch and hold your mind and body in the great outdoors.   The good people from Yoga At The Park also wants me to remind you good people to bring a towel, water and your great energy and a 10 dollar donation.  Grab your mat and click this link for more information.

BlogHer Health Conference

To coin an Aretha Franklin song, the sisters are doin' it for themselves.  The embodiment of this anthem is happening this month.  The #Blogher Health Conference is a day and a half conference complete with workshops to help you navigate the male dominated job market (but hopefully after this conference, this will be little less of a reality).  This a great networking and enrichment conference, so sign up soon before they are sold out.

Here's the website with all of the details.

Sunday Morning with Elizabeth Espinosa

Sunday Morning with Elizabeth Espinosa

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