Calendar for the week of December 9th

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Reindeer Romp

Come see the reindeer in their natural habitat in Los Angeles.  LA Zoo is hosting an event for the family and all for of you reindeer aficionados.  Whether you are team Rudolph or a follower of bad boy ungulate Blitzen, we have your perennial fuzzy favorites for photo opportunities.  Santa has given his team some time to connect with all of their fans this year so make sure you mark your calendars, stuff your pockets with contraband carrots (get in good with the 'deer, get in with the man) to bribe those with a naughty rap sheet this year.  This event takes place in an 100 accurate model of Santa's village in the North Pole, till December 23rd.  Which is plenty of time to get acquainted with the workhorses, um "workdeer"  before they take flight bringing gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world.  

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Sherman Oaks Home owners Association Toy Drive

Let's face it, our kids have too much stuff. This is the time of the year to give something to those with very little this season. In Sherman Oaks we are pleased to announce that the aformentioned Sherman Oaks Home Owners Association is doing a toy drive to help those families with very little under the Christmas tree. The details are below save for one. Thank you for helping out those less fortunate. Thank you.

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