Calendar for the Week of November 25th

Museum of Illusions

This museum is an influencers paradise.  With multiple pieces made specifically to play on optical illusions and depth of field black magic, we are hard pressed to find anything else like it in the south land.  Sure, everyone in LA has a picture of them in from of a pair of angels wings, or a double-double, a Dodger's game, but has anyone posted any snaps of them riding the Titanic?  How about a boxing match with Trump?  

OK hot stuff, we bet you've never battled a giant octopus that popped out of a Chinese take-out box armed with only single chop stick. 

You've haven't?  See you there.  The details are below:

How to get tickets

Torrance Antique Street Fair

   Some of our neighbors have some awesome stuff some.    If you've been eyeing that ottoman in the Collins' house down the street, the Torrance Antique Street Fair may be your way of getting some of your neighbor's stuff... legally.  We're reaching the Torrance Antique Street  Fair's 20 anniversary next year and in those 20 years it has grown from a respectable 25 to a whopping 200 vendors.  With a majority of them, local.   So expect to spend the day there perusing around your neighbors stuff for sale and bring the family, just make sure their useful and able to lift over 25 pounds.

  All of the details can be found on their website HERE.  

Deviled Eggs Burlesque Brunch: Santa's Workshop

The soon to be sold out  Drunken Devil burlesque brunch experience, is coming back just in time for a new Christmas show called "Santa's Workshop."

This brunch event was loosely adapted from Jack Kerouac's obscure beat poem of the same name hits familiar themes:  NIMBY-ism, the almighty dollar, the plague of technology permeating every pore in your life life like sand in your...   

Look, the gist of the show is this: Santa becomes a raging alcoholic and his wife enables him by throwing raucous parties to get him through the dead capitalistic nightmare that is Christmas.  

New this year, is an ugly Christmas sweater competition, with cash prizes!  So we'll see you at the Deviled Eggs Burlesque Brunch because there is no better experience in this great city than to eat great food, get sauced on hot cocoa, and hang out with burlesque strippers and elves.  If you can think of something better, that is what the comment box is for.  Use it.

Tickets and info

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