50th Anniversary of the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Fifty years ago, two forward-thinking entrepreneurs named Bill Thunnell and R.G. Canning organized the very first Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California. Since then, it's become a Southern California institution. 

Five decades later, the Rose Bowl Flea Market has grown to include over 2,500 vendors who are stocked with items curated for over the last half-century. As they like to say, if you can't find it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, it probably doesn't exist. 

This Sunday, come down to Pasadena where an all-ages, family friendly event will be held to help celebrate the Rose Bowl Flea Market's 50th anniversary! The Southland's hottest online influencers will be there, so don't be surprised if you run into some of your favorite fashionistas while they live-stream online as they look for that perfect peach vintage baby doll dress. 

It's not just a flea market, it's a spectator event - with people bringing their hand carts to the Rose Bowl ready to haul off a one-of-a-kind find that they can make a quick profit on. 

So now that you've cleared your calendar for Sunday - Here are a few tips so you can have the ultimate Rose Bowl Flea Market Experience!

  • The early bird gets the worm, but will probably pay a higher price
  • Wait till closing time before making that big purchase.  Vendors are more likely to strike better deals to lighten the load of merchandise they have to take back home.
  • Wear comfortable footwear.  You will be walking - a lot.  For the truly hard-core shopper, invest in a cart to carry those heavier goods while still staying quick and agile.
  • Look for groups at tables as you make your way through the market, you may find what you're looking for just beyond that wall of UCLA students.  
  • Layer your clothing.  Bundle up during the early hours, shed during the afternoon, bulk back up during the waning hours of the market.
  • Haggle, haggle, haggle (also carry smaller bills)
  • Know your limits and bring a tape measure (tip courtesy of the Flea Market Insider)

Come on down to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this Sunday, November 11th to see what a 50-year marriage of style, kitsch, art and culture looks like. 

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