Have You Seen the Mayyas?

Red Carpet For "America's Got Talent" Season 17 Live Show

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Have you seen the Mayyas? If you haven't, you need to because you're missing out!

Now, I haven't been one of those people obsessed with America's Got Talent. It has interested me in some years, and in others, I haven't found someone to cheer on. But there's just something about these ladies that have all of America (and me) enthralled.

The Mayyas is a dance group created by Nadim Cherfan, who started dancing when he was 14 in his native Lebanon. At 20, he started teaching dance and assembled a group of 36 extremely talented women paying homage to their culture and heritage with traditional dance. In Lebanon, these women say it's hard for them and they can't really make a career out of dance, so they've turned to the world stage not only to show off their talent but in the hopes that it will bring awareness to their culture and change things in their country. They appeared on Arabs Got Talent in 2019 and won there, but when they went on to compete on Britan's Got Talent: The Champions, they were eliminated in the preliminaries. So they turned to America's Got Talent in an effort to be recognized by the world.

Now, these routines are absolutely mesmerizing, and here's how they set America on fire on America's Got Talent.

It started with their audition, which was rightfully given the Golden Buzzer by judge Sofia Vergara...which sent them right to the semi-final round. It has more than 16 MILLION views on YouTube.

Well, they topped their audition performance with another incredible performance during the semi-finals.

And last night, they topped THAT performance with another incredible dance, giving them an incredible LONG standing ovation from the roaring crowd.

TONIGHT is the finale and announcement of who the winner of America's Got Talent will be. I predict the Mayyas will take the top spot and I can't wait to see their residency in Las Vegas!

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