Meet KFI's Employee Of The Month for November....Clay Roe!

We might be a little biased, but we have an AMAZING crew here at KFI. They are the hardest working people in radio.

From those you hear on-air regularly to those behind the scenes, there's a lot of moving parts to what makes up the ultimate final on-air product and their work is invaluable. Without them, KFI wouldn't be KFI!

So for the last 15 months, we've presented one of these amazing and dedicated employees with the KFI Employee of The Month honor to recognize them and to give you a little more insight into those that bring you the KFI you love each day, and the best part is that these winners have been chosen by their peers!

Each Employee of the Month receives a few fun prizes, a certificate, an official award, is featured in an on-air promo and their name will be enshrined on a perpetual plaque located in our building.

So, we'd like to introduce you to KFI's Employee of the Month for November...KFI's amazing Imaging Director Clay Roe!

Photo: Clay Roe

Clay Roe first graced KFI with his presence on August 8, 1999 and we have not been the same since (in a good way!).

He came to us first as a Board Operator, running afternoon drive on KFI. Now, he's KFI's Imaging Director, the creator and gatekeeper for the 'Sound of KFI'. On a daily basis, Clay's creativity comes through as he creates promos, top-of-the-hour station IDs and so, so much more.

Always willing to jump in and help, or work long hours to get things done, Clay is dedicated to providing the listener the BEST experience they can have.

Here's what some of Clay's co-workers had to say about him:

"Smart, creative, sarcastic...he's he epitome of what KFI is all about. Plus he dealt with John & Ken for like 20 years, and we all know...THAT alone deserves an award!"
"Clay knows KFI so well and is dedicated to keeping it relevant through his amazing imaging...and he succeeds every time."
"As Imaging Director, he is in the position he was made for, his humor and creativity shines through on a daily basis."
"I don't think there has ever been a time where I've been around Clay that I didn't laugh. He can contribute something to every single show on KFI."
"Knows the core of KFI unlike anyone else. Dedicated and smart."

He's a beloved part of the KFI crew, and his love of all things radio is clear to anyone who spends just a few minutes with him..

We asked Clay a few questions so you can get to know him a little better.

Where did you grow up?

"In Lancaster, up in Northern LA County. Is this about the missing office supplies? Because I can explain."

How long have you worked in radio? 

"33 years. Not counting the time on the side when I sell used office supplies on the internet."

What made you decide on a career in radio?

"Visited a radio station when I was about 9 to record the kid part in a radio commercial. Saw the DJs doing their thing, and thought... I wanna do THAT. Listen, those office supplies were going unused. Those Post-It notes had been there since 2017."

What do you like most about your job?

"The freedom I get to be creative without being pestered by a committee of people who all disagree on what's good. And the plentiful staplers and Sharpies."

Any pet peeves?

"When people say, "A whole 'nother thing..." Oh, and shipping reams and reams of copier paper. That gets pricey."

Favorite hobbies

"I do radio all day, then go home and do pretend radio again... for a seasonal holiday that's only relevant 31 days a year. I have a 24/7 Halloween-themed streaming radio station I run out of my bedroom. I also enjoy making paper clip chains. It's amazing how long you can make them when you have access to endless paper clips."

Favorite food / drink?

"I don't know what you're getting at. But I never take anything from the breakroom. Only office supplies... and I always leave at least one or two."

What does the perfect 'day off' for you consist of?

"Inventory, usually. And filling the international shipments for my Ebay Store,Krazy_Klays_Used-Office-Supply-Depot_Wholesale37(98.9% Positive feedback, btw)"

What's the one thing that people don't know about you?

"As a child, I once ran face first into Hulk Hogan's greasy thigh in a Denver hotel elevator.(truth)"

Any advice for anyone just starting in the radio business?

"Learn all the things. Do all the things. Be verstile. Watch the office supply closet, and learn when the restocking happens. It's easier to snag a few dozen dry erase marker boxes when the supply is high, and no one will notice."

Here's more about Clay's his commercial-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Halloween radio station. Featuring thousands of songs, sound clips and exclusive imaging he's collected and created over the years. If you love all things Halloween, this has to be on your 'must listen to' list!

You can find it HERE, or ask Google or Alexa to 'Play Dead Air Radio"

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