Frosting The Dog Has His New Furever Family

Kristofer Goldsmith is a hero in my book. He served in the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Forward Observer.

After returning from his deployment, he suffered from PTSD and at one point attempted suicide. After leaving the Army he wanted to help other vets dealing with the same issues he faced. So he co-founded High Ground Vets, an organization with a mission to improve the lives of service members, veterans and their families. Follow them on Twitter @HighGroundVets

But he's also a hero to an adorable lost dog named Frosting.

On August 7th, Kristofer found a dog wandering the streets of Washington D.C. He picked him up and found that he didn't have a collar, and after taking him to the vet, found out there was no microchip. But they were able to track down some information based on the rabies tag that the dog was wearing.

Vetco (a company that provides affordable vaccinations through Petco) found out the dog's name was Frosting, and he was 8 months old. They also had a name for Frosting's owner but due to privacy, they couldn't provide Kristofer with her full name, phone number or address. So, Vetco contacted the owner someone answered the phone but it disconnected. So they left Kristofer's name and info on the voicemail and have been waiting for someone to call him back to claim Frosting.

While they waited, Kristofer and his new friend are having all kinds of fun adventures, which he chronicled on Twitter @KrisGoldsmith85. (It is seriously the BEST feed! )

After a few days, there was no word from Frosting's owner. Vetco tried again to contact the listed owner, someone answered again, but this time, they hung up.

Kristofer told me in a message that he set a deadline, 5pm ET on Friday for Frosting's owner to contact him and if no one called, Frosting would officially have a new 'furever' home.

Well, 5pm Friday came and went no one called and Kristofer messaged me to tell me the good news, Frosting is officially theirs! You can follow Frosting's NEW adventures on Instagram @FrostingTheGoodBoy and you can see he really has found his people.

Kristofer has gotten a lot of people asking if he needs help with Frosting. He said:

Folks have been asking me if there’s some way that they can donate to support Frosting, but don’t worry, he’s got all the support he needs. But — there are lots of other pups who could use your generous support. Lauren and I have been planning for months to get a Dachshund from Doxie Rescue Bucks County & NJ, and we’re very inspired by the way that the people at DRBC take care of the pups in their care. If you’re inspired by Frosting’s adventures, please donate to DRBC!

So if you're like me and you LOVE this story, you can make a small donation to DRBD in Frosting's honor! CLICK HERE TO DONATE VIA FACEBOOK.

Without Facebook, CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

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