National Slurpee Day 2023 is here! What does that mean for you?

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On July 11th, one convenience chain celebrates with specials on National 7-Eleven Day! Conveniently scheduled on 7-11 of each year, the day often features one of their signature items, the Slurpee.


The day focuses on franchise customers. The chain offers discounts and often free Slurpees in their many flavors. Since July is known for its summer heat, the icy cold beverage is a popular choice for cooling off all summer long.

The Slurpee debuted in 1966. While the machine already existed, 7-Eleven modified the machine made by Knedlik, which was used to make the Icee, and then branded and licensed the frozen drink under the name Slurpee. Advertising executive, Bob Stanford, gave the sweet, icy drink the name for the sound it makes as it is sucked through a straw.

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Photo: Nick Pagliochini / BrickHouse Creative, LLC

The term "brain freeze" existed before 7-Eleven commandeered it in 1991 to replace ice cream headache or the more technical cold stimulus headache. In 1990, brain freeze was often used as a sports term to refer to athletes who faltered on the field. It also applied to the side effects of medications, especially if they affected our mental capacity. However, immediately after 7-Eleven supposedly redefined the phrase, sports columnists quickly reused the phrase to their benefit. Athletes still had a brain freeze when they made an error, but the columnists cleverly explained the player must have had a Slurpee before taking the field.

Brain Freeze Tips

Of course, brain freeze is inevitable if you drink a frozen beverage too fast. In preparation for the day, we offer a few tips.

1.) Put down the drink.

2.) Sip from a warmer liquid.

3.) If a warmer liquid isn’t available, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

4.) Cover your mouth and nose with your hand.

5.) Breath through your nose. This allows warmer air to circulate through your sinus passages.

6.) Return to drinking your Slurpee at a slower pace.


Go to your local 7-Eleven and get a free Slurpee in your favorite flavor. Share on social media and include #National7ElevenDay


7-Eleven first celebrated 7-Eleven Day in 2002. They encouraged customers to visit their local 7-Eleven to enjoy a free beverage as a thank you to the 7-Eleven customers. The company, which is considered the first convenience store which started in 1927 under the name of Southland Ice Company with the logo Totem, because people could conveniently “tote ’em” home their items. It wasn’t until 1947 when the company expanded its hours to from 7 AM to 11 PM that it changed its name.

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