Sally Ride Statue at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Worth A Trip

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Aerial View

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Hopin' you had an amazing 4th of July holiday, and got a little bit of well-deserved R & R (rest & relaxation) as well! If you, like me, had to work - thank you for being there and providing your own special brand of "customer service" to your little part of reality! You are appreciated! Thank YOU!

Coming back from the holiday and expanding beyond "This Weekend, with Nick Pagliochini," I'm embarking on a semi-regular series that I'll call "Worth A Trip!" Places to go, and things to do, that can be done "This Weekend," or anytime, really...

For the first installment, I want to focus on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. No matter your political leanings, this is #WorthATrip!

The Presidential Library System was established in 1941, with the first Presidential Library and Museum, in honor of Franklin D. Roosevelt, being dedicated on June 30th that year. At current, there are 15 libraries nationwide. The (Ronald Reagan Presidential) Library houses collections from the Reagan Administration, papers during his term as Governor of California, Presidential campaign materials, and privately donated personal collections (via You can also visit the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, CA - yes, we have two in Southern California! And they are only 90 minutes, about 80ish miles from each other!

Throughout the eighteen galleries onsite, museum visitors interact with hundreds of never before seen artifacts and engage in multiple interactive displays for a fully immersive experience of the life and times of America's 40th president. Their exhibits capture President Reagan's patriotic spirit, his respect for individual liberty, his belief in global democracy, and his support of economic opportunity (via Joining these permanent exhibits is an incredible life-sized bronze statue of astronaut, Sally Ride, that now stands on the walkway of the Peace Through Strength pavilion on the west side of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library — not far from an F-117 stealth fighter jet, F-14 fighter jet and an Abrams MI tank. The statue was dedicated and made its premiere, fittingly, on the 247th birthday of America!

Statue honoring astronaut Sally Ride, first American woman in space, unveiled July 4 via Dennis McCarthy, Columnist, with Southern California News Group

Where do you think I should go? What do you think is "Worth A Trip?" Let me know! and please be sure to tune in to #ThisWeekendWithNick on Fridays at 8 pm PDT during #LaterWithMoKelly" (Monday - Friday, 7-10 pm PDT) on #KFIAM640!

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