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Woman Sentenced to 21 Years After Drugging Babies

January Irene Neatherlin - photo provided by the Deschutes County Sheriff's office

Bad babysitter! Bad, bad!

A woman has been sentenced to 21 years and 4 months in prison after her negligence running a daycare center. 

32-year-old, January Neatherlin, has been illegally operating a day care center for four years, with children as young as 6-months old. Although she'd gained trust with the parents, it wasn't quite deserved. Neatherlin had made a habit of going tanning and visiting the gym between the hours of 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. At those times she would tell the parents that their children could not be picked up or dropped off as it was "nap time." 

To put the children to sleep, Neatherlin, would give the children melatonin by force.  According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health, melatonin can be used as a sleep aid, improving Alzheimer disease, reducing blood pressure, and more. 

“She repeatedly administered a sleeping agent to a room full of infants, toddlers and children and drove off in her car to fulfill her narcissistic needs. There is no room in our society for monsters like this. January has no respect for human life,” exclaimed a parent.

Parents have informed authorities that some children were suffering from brain injuries related to shaky baby syndrome, and others were having issues sleeping. Neatherlin's lack of care has resulted in troubling issues for the families including behavioral problems and financial issues. 

The illegally operating daycare center had been investigated twice since 2014 with no arrest made. Tips from Neatherlin's former roommate and former boyfriend assisted the authorities in tracking her schedule. 

Following her arrest, Neatherlin has professed apologetic words with all of those she has hurt by her negligence. 

“Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody takes responsibility for those mistakes. With that said, I hope the court and the parents accept my apology. I made a very poor call, and it has forever changed my life and even ended it."

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