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A Woman Runs Over Her Sugar Daddy When the Sugar Runs out

Love is not in the air anymore for this Georgia woman. Junmakia Racquel Henley, 47, was pretty upset when her sugar daddy, an engineer in his 60's, told her that his gift giving days were coming to an end. 

The couple had been dating only a week after an initial "good" lunch meeting. Throughout the week, Henley had gotten pretty used to receiving gifts from her beau. 

When the man began to feel used for what he could offer, he decided to cut their relationship short. Henley did not take the news too well, to say the least. 

When leaving, Henley jumped into her car and accelerated towards the man tumbling him onto her hood. She then backed up and accelerated toward him one more time. 

Henley quickly sped off, leaving the man injured with crushed legs. He was extremely fortunate enough to have his cell phone on him! 

The next day authorities located Henley asking her about the incident where she acted completely clueless regarding the identity of her sugar daddy. When officials mentioned his name, Henley replied, "what's his name?"

That act did not last long as Henley has now been charged with 15 years in prison. Yikes!!

Read the Full story at NY Daily News

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