Mugshot of the Week: Add Those Eyebrows to His Rap Sheet

This is 26-year-old Roy Antonio Davis. 

Forensic data has linked Davis to the murder of 88-year-old John Hautz. 

Davis was already booked in the Los Angeles County Jail for an unrelated robbery charge. 

All we are wondering, if it all possible can we add the crime of his eyebrows to his charge. We are not too sure what is happening here and no guess really makes sense. Was this on purpose!?

Authorities have been digging into the murder case since New Years day when John Hautz was discovered dead in his Santa Monica apartment. Davis has been charged with 187(a) PC – Murder; and 459 PC – Burglary.

An unfortunate circumstance, but authorities have not backed down in hunting down the truth. If you have any more information regarding this crime please reach out to Detective Leone (310) 458-8949; Detective Elias (310) 458-8943; or the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8491.

Monique Marvez

Monique Marvez

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