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Utah Special Ed Teacher Says She Supports Guns in Classrooms

In 2012, a Utah woman decided to take matters into her own hands after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Special education teacher, Kasey Hansen, went out, applied for her carrying license, and purchased her first gun.  

“It broke my heart to think that all the teachers could do was huddle their kids in a corner, stand in front of them and pray that nothing was going to come through that classroom door,” Hansen said. 

She now carries her gun to school everyday and makes sure her holster matches her outfit. Fashionable with a gun! 

There's been a lot of talk lately about guns being allowed in schools. 

“I wasn't planning on buying a gun. It was just information. And I learned about gun safety. I learned about the gun laws. I learned about protection. It was educational,” Hansen added.  

“It got me thinking, ‘What would I do if a shooting at my school happened?’”

The teacher says she does not believe in telling everyone when or if she is carrying. She does, however, believe that more schools should hire retired military as security. 

“I wish more schools would implement it,” she said. “I don't think the protection and the security should be on teachers.”

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