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Rob Lowe - The Brat With A Heart Of Gold

Anybody remember this stud?

How can you forget Rob Lowe?!

One thing's for sure - he has had quite the tumultuous career (to say the least!)

He hit the ground running in the 80s with a slew of coming-of-age films which agreeably set him among the ranks of the famed "Brat Pack" of film lore. 

(If movies like St. Elmo's Fire, About Last Night or even Wayne's World don't ring any bells, we're not sure we can help ya!)

There are some, though, who know Lowe for being the star of one of the first "Hollywood sex tapes" to be leaked way back in 1989.  

A trailblazer for sure! 

Fast forward to 2017, the year which saw California host its largest wildfire on record: the Thomas Fire.

The deadly brush fire has caused numerous injuries, thousands of evacuations, and two deaths including a San Diego firefighter.

Mr. Lowe, a resident of California, opted to not just watch the destruction on the news, but to step up and do SOME thing to help and show those fighting the flames that we support and appreciate their efforts.

So what did he do?

Well, he took it upon himself to host a California fire strike team from San Jose over to his house for hamburgers, spaghetti, chicken and salad!

Mike Ferrito, a fire engineer with the San Jose Fire Department and one of the invitees gave a first-hand account:

"He was very welcoming when he went in. Lots of food, he started heating stuff up when we showed up and he had a fridge and said whatever you guys want to drink in the fridge.  He said thanks, he was very appreciative of the work we're doing. He said he didn't know how we did it, obviously he was sorry for the loss of a firefighter."

We salute you, Mr. Lowe!  And we encourage anyone to think twice next time before calling you a brat!

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